Traditional video surveillance system for a chemical park VS intelligent identification and early warning system using AI

Traditional video surveillance system of the chemical park of the plant

Work tasks are planned and organized only by people, and there is no quick feedback on overdue tasks

Lack of real-time monitoring and manual binding of the operating status of equipment and facilities

Inspection of equipment depends on manual experience, and equipment problems cannot be detected in time

Warnings for water immersion, temperature and humidity, smoke, power on/off, etc. are not provided

Inadequate performance of daily security risk investigation and verification tasks

Factory Chemical Park Conventional CCTV VS Intelligent AI Recognition CCTV Early Warning System

An intelligent AI-assisted identification, monitoring and early warning system for a chemical factory park

IoT device perception, thousands of data, active aggregation, deep analysis, active early warning

Data analysis through deep data analysis to provide a basis for decision making

Standardize manual operations, ensure controlled quality of manual operations and reduce operational risks caused by human factors;

Standardize work, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance accidents;

Construction process of home security monitoring system

Construction process of home security monitoring system

When installing a home security surveillance system, attention should be paid to network security. Since the home security surveillance system is connected to the Internet, there have always been security risks, but many manufactu...