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Pre-Sales Support

a.Live chat support:Chat

b.Email Support:info@wisdomie.com

c.Phone Support: +86+18688821641

our products can be found in our comprehensive product catalog, comprehensive overview and online. Our goal is to find the most suitable product for each customer. Our product data is supplemented by information about the product life cycle, availability, revision status, technical characteristics of possible cases, and an overview of the compatibility of related products.

Shipping & Delivery

We use DHL as our default carrier, but it could be Fedex or USPS or Other depends on you.

Warranty Information

1. Provide two-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance service for the products sold. That is, within one year, the product can be replaced or repaired for free due to damage caused by poor material or design defects (replacement within one year, but it must be guaranteed that the appearance of the product is not damaged). After one year, certain costs will be charged for repairs and replacements.

2. Provide corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee 24-hour technical hotline service.

3. The following product damage or other reasons not caused by our company are not included in our free repair:

a. Incorrect installation

b. Voltage mismatch

c. Improper use due to failure to follow the instruction manual

d. Repair or modification not authorized by the company

e. Machine lacks necessary maintenance

f. Failure to provide proper working environment

g. Product damage caused by user’s secondary transportation

h. System failure caused by software or viruses other than ours

i. Force majeure such as natural disasters (lightning strike, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) and accidents


We constantly strive for adapting our product range to your requirements and needs. That’s why we are looking forward to your feedback which will influence our product development.

After-Sales support

Our support staff is happy to clarify your questions about accessories, product installation and operation so that you can find a solution as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If there is a defect, we will serve you. You will receive an RMA number which can be returned by phone, email or online on our website. Your defective product will be tested by our qualified technicians and repaired in Germany immediately if possible. If larger components are damaged, the goods will be returned to the manufacturing plant. In this case, you will be given a hardware replacement.